Signs You Need a New Car Battery in Dixon, IL

Battery Replacement | Dixon, IL

Your car battery is essential to how your car functions. A failing or dead battery means you won’t be going anywhere. If you want to have uninterrupted driving time, pay attention to the following signs. These will signal it is time to purchase and install a new car battery.

No response

The most obvious sign is an engine that won’t start. You put the key in or push the button and nothing happens, then it’s a clear signal that your car’s battery needs attention. It could be a loose connection or a battery that has zero power left. 

Sluggish start

If you car is starting, but starting slowly, or after a few attempts, your battery is lacking the power it needs for a productive start. You may get it going, but other components may not work as the battery doesn’t have the juice to power everything you need. A battery that is slow to start the engine will just get less powerful. If you notice this with your battery, it’s time for a check and new battery install from Ken Nelson Nissan.


A quick glance under the hood will reveal if your battery is in trouble. If you notice the connections are corroded or there is gunk built up on the terminal, it’s time to bring your vehicle in for service. These degraded connections will impact how your battery performs.

If you need a new car battery, be sure to schedule service here at Ken Nelson Nissan in Dixon, Illinois!

Nissan Reveals New Off-Road Parts for 2022 Frontier

The 2022 Frontier is a capable, versatile pickup truck that — thanks to a newly released line of new off-road parts from NISMO — is even more customizable to suit your driving needs in Dixon, Illinois. The automaker presented the current catalog of truck parts designed for off-road adventures at the 2021 Overland Expo West. Here’s a look at the highlights that you can order through Ken Nelson Nissan.

Off-Road Parts for 2022 Frontier |  Dixon, IL

Off-road lighting

With an output of 3,060 lumens, the NISMO Off Road 4-Inch Lights offer exceptional brightness to light your drives at night.

Off-road storage

The NISMO Off Road Overland Bed Rack features a powder-coated-steel construction, modular design, and two configurations: high and low.

Off-road shelter

To elevate your camping adventures in Illinois, you’ll want the NISMO Off Road Rooftop Tent. It’s easy to set up, and the spacious tent features a thick wall-to-wall mattress. The weather-resistant ripstop polyester canvas helps protect you from the elements, and you’ll feel a fresh breeze through the tent’s mesh panels.

Off-road performance

We think you will love the look and sound of the NISMO Off Road Performance Exhaust that boots the robust sound of the 2022 Frontier.

Learn about the new off-road parts for the 2022 Nissan Frontier and order them here at Ken Nelson Nissan.

Upgrade Your Altima for 2021 With These Nissan Accessories

Nissan Altima | Dixon, IL
Nissan Altima | Dixon, IL

If you’re looking to upgrade your Altima for 2021, Nissan offers a spectrum of accessories for you to choose from. Here are just some of the add-ons you can embellish your 2021 Altima with here at Ken Nelson Nissan.

Rear Spoiler

Make the athletic Nissan Altima even sportier with the addition of a rear spoiler, which is pre-painted and factory-installed.

Aluminum-Alloy Wheels

The 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels with a five-spoke design will do wonders for your Altima’s curb appeal.

Splash Guards

Indiana winters can get messy with rain, snow, and slush. These elements can quickly cover your shiny new Altima with grime. Splash Guards are designed to fit into wheel openings. They simultaneously protect your Altima’s flanks while adding a sporty vibe.

All-Season Floor Mats

Keep the unwanted wintry mix out of your 2021 Altima’s carpets with All-Season High Wall Floor Mats. Hooks, grommet holes, and grippy undersides keep them securely on top of your carpet, preventing mildew and bad odors.

Portable Trunk Organizer

This collapsible cargo organizer easily fits in your trunk and allows for simple, effective, and convenient storage thanks to customizable dividers.

Not sure which accessory to pick? Call us at Ken Nelson Nissan in Dixon, IL. We’ll help you pick the right add-ons to suit your needs and lifestyle.


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